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  1. […] Well, as you may have guessed, Gayle was my latest portrait session. It wasn’t anything that was planned. She flew here to Georgia to create a beautiful video for me and to attend our monthly sister/cousin brunch. I may have mentioned that in a previous blog. If you’re not familiar, I will indulge your possible curiosity. My sisters and cousin, Monica, realized that the only time we are ever able to get together is at family funerals. We didn’t want that to be the case so we set aside the fourth Sunday of every month to meet from brunch at a new restaurant each time. Now, back to the regularly scheduled blog…After the interview, I felt inspired to photograph her. I already think she’s beautiful but it was something about her headwrap that made me want to capture her that day. If you follow me on Instagram, either as @phoartgraphy or @brand_you_portraits, you’ve probably already seen the video. If not, I’ll be posting it on my website in the next few weeks or so. Sorry, currently trying to prepare for my art show that will begin next week. Anyway, Gayle wanted to make this video for me and I was all for it. I was able to get my friend and her son to model for me. The session turned out really nicely with a few challenges. You can read about that session and see the images here.  […]





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