So, this past Saturday was my son’s fourteenth birthday. Fourteenth? Not only that, he just graduated from middle school. I have a full-fledged, high school student! How in the world did that happen? I swear he looked just like this yesterday… and this… Logically, I know that my son has to grow up but no […]


May 22, 2019

Fourteen? Already? | Atlanta Child Photographer

So, this past Sunday was Mother’s Day. What did you do? Me? I did nothing. Well, I did have to make myself breakfast and I changed the sheets on my bed, but aside from that, I did nothing. I lounged around all day, talked and texted on my phone and read my book. Later that […]


May 15, 2019

Another Mother’s Day

So, you want your portraits taken but you don’t know what you should do to get ready. It all depends on the purpose of your portraits. Are they family portraits? Are they for business? Is it a little bit of both? Well, hopefully, I can help solve that conundrum for you. To make things easier […]


May 8, 2019

How to Prepare for a Portrait Session | Atlanta Portrait Photographer

For a while now I have been recording my Instagram videos in my garage. Why my garage, you ask? Because my garage has the loveliest light! If you haven’t heard a photographer talk about beautiful light, then they can’t seriously call themselves a photographer.  You see, my house faces south, so I get a lot […]


May 1, 2019

Finding the Light

For those of you whose formative years were in the 1980s, read the title of this blog in the voice of Humpty Hump. For everyone else, my title comes from a line in a Digital Underground song called the Humpty Dance and the main rapper’s alter ego was Humpty Hump. If you’re really interested in […]


April 24, 2019

Let me (re)introduce myself

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